For the ones who don’t know how an English garden looks like, it is that type of garden that includes a beautiful combination of different flowers, decorative bushes and beautiful climbing roses. Here are 5 rules for creating the perfect English garden, in case you decide you want to have a garden like this.


It is extremely important what flowers you choose when creating an English garden. You must plant a few types of flowers in different colors. A good idea would be to plant perennials, such as primrose, lavender, verbena, columbine and all types of daisies. It is also, extremely traditional to plant climbing roses. They will definitely add an elegant look to your garden.

2.Trees and shrubs

In case you have a big space, then a great idea would be to plant a tree or even more than one. Some shrubs will definitely beautify your English garden. Choose to plant Dogwood, Boxwood or Hydrangea. They are, without any doubt, traditional trees and shrubs for English gardens. And imagine how beautiful your garden will look in the Spring and Summer. It will certainly become your favorite place to relax and spend the afternoons.


An English garden certainly includes a lawn. It is important that you use a lawn mower every time is needed, in order to make the lawn look beautiful. A combination of white and pink flowers around the lawn will certainly bring the lawn into prominence.

4.Garden decorations

There is no English garden without decorations. Place some garden decorations all over the garden, in order to create a welcoming and cheerful look. Small statues and birds houses are another great idea, that will beautify your garden. Sculptures are also very traditional for an English garden, so in case you have a big garden, definitely go for one. It will add a charming and mysterious look to your garden.

5.Create a pond

Most of English gardens have a little pond as well. In case space allows you, then an amazing idea would be to create a pond. When creating a pond, consider adding some stones around it and some lilies on the water, for a gorgeous look.

6.Garden furniture

When it comes to English garden furniture, consider using iron or wood items. You can place a wooden bench where you can just read your favorite book and relax. You can create your own oasis of peace, where you will spend quality time with your family and friends.

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