The reason why people choose to install a security camera system at home is that they want to feel more protected from potential burglars who could break into their homes. The ability of the security cameras to monitor everything that happens on a large area around the house makes people feel more secure. This ability is based on several features and technologies designed to assure complete monitoring and recording regardless the environmental conditions and the security camera systems presented below include every feature designed to make them efficient.

SYSPRO-4D047 CCTV Video Surveillance System

Whether you want to keep an eye on your office or you want to see how the babysitter is treating the kids, this is the system you need. The SYSPRO-4D047 security camera system includes 4 cameras for indoor use that will deliver clear images with 120 frames per second recording. The cameras are connected to a 4-channel DVR with an integrated 500GB hard drive for footage storage. You can also watch the images from a phone or a computer thanks to the remote option that offers you full access and control over the images. The system also features a motion detection recording feature and it allows you to simultaneously live view, record, playback, store and copy the recorded images. Given these features and the system’s ease of use, it is no wonder that this product is considered by many to be the best home security camera system.

Dropcam HD Hi-Fi Wireless Video Monitoring Camera

This security system is very easy to install and use, being a top choice for homeowners looking for the best indoor home security camera system. In includes one camera that can record high-quality images even in the darkness thanks to the infrared technology and it also has a microphone and a speaker to allow users to communicate with one another through the camera. The zoom feature offers a close-up view that will be extremely helpful if you install the camera in the nursery. The camera is wirelessly connected to a DVR that stores the images for later viewing. A great convenience feature is the remote option that stores the images on a cloud service to minimize the storage on the DVR’s memory.

IControl Network Piper NV

If you are looking for performance and convenience, you will be impressed by this security camera that records images with 25 frames per second and assures an 180 degrees field of view. Plus, the infrared feature allows it to monitor things at night and the built-in microphone and speaker lets you communicate through the camera. The Z-Wave controller allows you to remotely control the footage and the built-in alarm system and programmable security modes increase the level of safety this camera provides.

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