The cottage style is a way to turn your house into a cozy place where you will feel at ease, surrounded by items that bring functionality and convenience into your life. The cottage kitchen is designed as a place where comfort meets style and where the basic idea is to relax and enjoy simple and effective items. Although the kitchen style is decorated with simple items that don’t stand out, it doesn’t mean that is can’t be luxurious, but in an elementary way. Discover some cottage style kitchen designs that will convince you that cottage doesn’t mean plain and tasteless.

  • Create a cottage kitchen using white glass doors cabinets, a large island with a dark brown top, and matching bar stools. Put the accent on the details and only decorate the cabinets with traditional dishware, opt for a large ceramic sink with a vintage faucet and limit the use of modern materials like stainless steel. Remember that the cottage style implies items with a rudimentary aspect and use as much wood as possible.
  • The unfinished look of the pine wood cabinets is what really makes this cottage-inspired kitchen stand out. This is the perfect choice for a kitchen in a cabin in the mountains or a house at the countryside and it includes every item needed in a kitchen, namely the cooking area, the spacious cabinets, the eating area, and all the appliances that make life easy. Use a lanterns chandelier to complete the decor and decorate the furniture with leaves garlands.
  • Everything in this kitchen spells cottage, from the wood in the cabinets to the plaid fabric on the table to the unfinished wood ceiling and the hanging herbs and pots. This a very risky design and if you don’t know how to play with textures and colors, you may end up with a kitchen that lacks taste, so be very careful. Use matching items when it comes to furniture, fabrics, and decorations and keep the same line in everything.
  • This is another idea of using wood with an unfinished aspect and it creates a great combination of colors and materials. There is no way you could go wrong in a cottage kitchen if you use wood for the floors, the ceiling, and the furniture and if you combine the wood with stone, the success is guaranteed. The beautiful stone arch on the wall perfectly frames the stainless steel stoves while the dark lacquered furniture completes the scene.

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