In case you are thinking of organizing your kitchen, in order to make it look airy, then you probably need some inspiration. Consider having a pantry in your kitchen, a really useful idea, in order to store lots of things in there. Here are some creative kitchen pantry designs, that will definitely find their place in your kitchen.

Hidden pantry

A hidden kitchen pantry, incorporated in your kitchen furniture, is a smart way to hide most of your things in there. Even if this kitchen pantry looks small, there is actually plenty of space to store your things. It is a creative idea, in case you are wondering what kitchen pantry design to choose.

Transparent doors

This is, without any doubt a really clever idea. In case you don’t have enough space in your kitchen to add an extra cabinet in order to transform it into a pantry, then a great option would be to create a pantry into one of the walls. Add some transparent doors, for a beautiful effect. Doing so, you will save space and have a fancy and elegant pantry.

Cupboard transformed into a pantry

A beautiful cupboard which has been transformed into a pantry, looks interesting indeed. This piece of furniture will look great in your kitchen, and it is without any doubt, very useful. You can store many things in there, and your kitchen will not be cluttered anymore. Remember to choose a cupboard in a color that goes with your kitchen design.

Corner pantry

Every corner of your kitchen can be a useful space. In this case, a pantry has been created, and to be honest, it looks absolutely incredible. The beautiful dark wooden cabinet is part of the kitchen furniture, and even if it’s narrow, it actually has lots of space inside, due the pull-out bunk shelves.

Big space

You certainly need a large kitchen in order to place a massive kitchen cabinet like that. One thing is sure, you will definitely have more than enough storage space. You can store foods, bottles of wine, and even some small appliances. It is indeed a great and useful idea.

Small kitchen

If the lack of space in your kitchen is a problem for you as well, then you should think of using one of the cupboards for creating a pantry. If the cupboard is very high, you can add inside it some shelves. It’s up to you what sort of shelves you choose. You can get round or square shelves. Doing so, you will be able to store some of your things.

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