The real charm of a garden is the greenhouse itself. There’s no need to spend excessive amounts of money to hire a landscape artist to design a big and fancy greenhouse. A simple greenhouse will offer you plenty of advantages. In this article, we will show you how to build a practical greenhouse from scratch. Here’s a couple of ideas to get it started.

Make a barn greenhouse

If you are planning to store only a couple of flowers or vegetables, a barn greenhouse will work best for you because it’s small and well-conceived. Start by cutting the wall framing from the board woods that you’ve purchased from a hardware store and create side paneling from roofing tin. Then, consider covering the structure with corrugated roofing. It’s a great way to top your greenhouse so that it stays protected against heavy wind and rain.

Create a lumber frame greenhouse

This next idea is not only practical but it’s also a great way to beautify the garden and make it more rustic and comfortable. To start this DIY project, all you need is a lumber frame to create the foundation, a door and large windows to ensure that the greenhouse is ventilated. To fix the frame in the garden use stakes and nails to ensure that it stays secure.

Plan a simple dome design for your greenhouse

This type of greenhouse is beautiful and elegant and it compliments very well a contemporary house and garden. You need to invest a lot of time and money into this project but it’s definitely worth it. It’s also very important to take precise measurements of the work materials and mostly important to use a diagram so that you get the perfect shape of a dome. If you are planning to create a big dome greenhouse, consider installing LED grow lights to ensure that the plants stay healthy, regardless of season. Read more than one led light bulbs review as there are many types of LED grow lights available on the market, so make sure to research beforehand. When reading a led light bulbs review, consider the type of light that it uses as certain lights are better for the growing stage of the plants while others favor flowering.

Opt for a mini greenhouse

If you do not have a lot of space available to build a greenhouse, consider opting for a minimal design. This small greenhouse is the perfect choice when it comes to maintaining garden beds during harsh winter. You’ll have to build the side frames, as well as the front and back of the greenhouse and secure them into place with screws. Then, install the wooden door on the front side and paint the walls white or with the paint color of your choice.

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