Not only does a beautiful front yard landscape increase your house’s overall value with around 25%, but it keeps it on the market for less time when you want to sell it as well. Also, taking care of the front yard and giving it a beautiful makeover will make you feel happier every time you see it, and it will definitely attract the attention of the passers-by. In the following lines, we will be discussing about some front yard landscaping tricks that you can start using right away.

Create depth and movement

Creating the sense of depth and movement for the front yard is easy to achieve if you just plant small trees or shrubs along the way leading to the house. This way, to anyone that passes by your front yard it will look like the planting changes position in relation to the house, giving the desired effect of depth and movement. It looks spectacular, it isn’t hard to maintain the trees necessary for it, and it isn’t complicated to create the pattern.

Keep the grass short

The front yard always needs to have the grass short to look nice. With the use of a lawn mower, you can ensure your grass will always look it’s best, and there won’t be uneven patches that look unpleasant. If you want to mix concrete patterns with patches of grass, buy a lawn mower that is operated by pushing it, to move around more easily. If you plan on having a big green sea on your front yard, you could go for a riding lawn mower. It’s more fun and comfortable, but indicated only if there aren’t obstacles in it’s way that could be damaged or even destroyed by it.

Colorful flower beds

Adding different colored flower beds in front of your house and on the way leading up to it, or even putting them around the yard grouped together gives a beautiful aspect, like you are looking at a painting. Even the plainest of front yard designs suffers a dramatic change for the good after you add lively colored flowers. If you don’t want to plant flowers every year, choose perennials. They might be more expensive than other flowers, but they come back annually, and they spread more and get larger as the seasons pass.


Adding a lighting system for the front yard doesn’t only look gorgeous at night when the lights are turned on, but it protects you from burglars as well. They will be able to see there are people in the house from far away, and won’t dare think about coming in. It might cost you an extra penny when the electricity bill comes, but the beautiful sight is worth it. You can program the lights to turn on and off at certain hours, this way preserving energy consumption, and using the lights only between the needed hours of the evening and night.

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