Even if we live in urban areas, the water from our houses can still be contaminated. Over the years, numerous cases of tap water contamination were reported to the media, from small to severe contamination. Nevertheless, these popular cases are just the tip of the iceberg, as they focus on dangerous contaminants that should not be in the water. Nevertheless, there are also many contaminants in tap water which the government doesn’t consider to be that dangerous, despite the fact that long term exposure to these contaminants is very dangerous. In order to improve the quality of our water, we should consider installing a filter system for the entire house. It can be expensive, but the health advantages are far more important than money. In case you decide to do that, it is important that you have the right information, in order to know how to choose a quality whole house water filter.

Test your water

It is recommended that before you actually buy a whole house water filter, you test the water from your home. You might discover that your water is absolutely fine and that you don’t need to filtrate it. In order to do that, you must ask for a quality report from your water provider. Another option would be to hire someone from an independent company, to do the test or even go to a specific shop and buy a home water test. It’s up to you what option you choose. Nevertheless, this is an essential part of the buying process. If you take a look at some filters, you will see that each one is created for handling different types of contaminants, so it is essential to know what contaminants are in your tap water in order to know which filter to buy.

Choose a house water filter that meets your needs

You must be well informed, in order to know how to choose a quality house water filter. After you have done the water test, it is now time to choose the house water filter you need. After the test, you will see what contaminants are in your water, and depending on that, you will know what type of filtration system to choose. A whole house water filter is the best option for you because it actually filters the whole water that enters in your home, from the main point of entry. It is highly recommended that you choose a water filter system with a NSF seal. NSF is an independent organization that tests and releases product quality certificates for the whole house water filters that are on the market. Its standards are international, and this actually increases the credibility of the whole products they test. However, you must also consider the water filter’s costs. The prices may vary, depending on the type of the water filter and the brand. Expensive doesn’t always mean quality. Doing research for a few products that you are interested in, and reading all the consumer reviews, will definitely help you to make the best decision.

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