What better way to celebrate any festivity than decorating your house and bringing the spirit closer to you and your family? Halloween is a great opportunity for you to test your crafting and decorating skills and to make plenty of house decorations that will cheer up the place. Here are some scary, yet funny house decorations that you can try to make this Halloween.

Start by decorating the yard

  • The yard can be turned into a great Halloween scene with some easy to make items and plenty of imagination. You can turn the yard into a cemetery by using some cardboard pieces to make some tombstones that you will place around the yard using some dirt to make it look like you just dug the graves. You can make this scenario even scarier if you dress up like a zombie or a ghost and surprise the trick-or-treaters.
  • A scarecrow can also complete the scene and it won’t be hard to make one using some pegs that you arrange in the shape of a body, then dress them in a plaid shirt with a pair of jeans overalls and some rubber boots. Fill the scarecrow with straws and use a carved pumpkin for a head and put a straw hat on it.

Don’t forget about the front door

The front door is an essential detail in decorating the house for Halloween and a very good decoration will bring goosebumps to the kids who come Trick-or-Treating. You can write “Go away” on the door using some washable blood-red paint and draw some handprints as if someone was dragged off the porch. Or you can fill some socks with cotton and trap them under the door or under the doormat to make it look like someone’s legs were cut off there.

Focus on the interior of the house

  • As for the inside of the house, the ideas are endless and each one is more and more creative. You can turn your house into a witch’s lair with the help of a black cauldron, come small vials, come toy bugs, reptiles and insects and a stack of books that you can wrap in paper to make them look like spell books.
  • Another great idea is to create a Halloween photo booth where you and your friends can take photos of your Halloween costumes. Cover two armchairs in black fabric, place some withered flowers in a vase and decorate the place with bats, spiders and candles.
  • You can make excellent decorations out of regular items you have at home, like tiny bats out of egg cartons, small figurines out of toilet paper rolls or you can replace the carved pumpkins with tin cans that you can paint and cut and place candles inside them. If you really want to scare your family and friends, take some doll heads, fill some jars with water and put the doll heads inside the jars to make them look like real heads trapped in the jars.

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