House cleaning has always been a matter of concern because of all the chemical cleaning products used in the process. All these products can seriously affect the health of the person using them, so they should be avoided as much as possible. Here are some alternatives that can help you clean your house without using chemical cleaning products.

Replace chlorine with vinegar

Instead of using chlorine that has an awful odor and is very irritant to your eyes, lungs, and skin, use another disinfectant that is not harmful to you, like the white vinegar. This product contains acetic acid that is powerful enough to clean and disinfect many surfaces in your house. You can use it in the kitchen to clean the counters and the floors, you can use it in the bathroom to get rid of hard water stains, and you can even disinfect your appliances like the dishwasher or the washing machine.

Use baking soda to remove grease

Another great cleaning aid that delivers excellent results without harming you is the baking soda, a magical powder that can do wonders against dirt. In combination with acids like vinegar or lemon juice, the baking soda turns into a sizzling paste that can take care of burnt grease in the oven or stubborn limescale stains on the sanitary ware.

Get rid of dust with the clothes steamer

Dust mites are present in every house and they especially like to gather on fabrics like the curtains, the linens, the rugs, and the furniture’s upholstery. While some of them you can wash in hot water and kill most of the mites and allergens, others are harder to clean without using chemicals but there is one solution that can solve the problem. This solution is the clothes steamer, that device that uses hot steam to remove the wrinkles from your clothes and which you can use not only to refresh the aspect of your drapes and linens but also to remove the dust from them. You can use the clothes steamer on everything from curtains to chairs to sofas to mattresses and even rugs.

Clean the air with an air purifier

If cleaning the surfaces in your house seems easy, when it comes to removing the impurities from the air, things get e little tricky. Luckily, to clean the air in your house without using any perfumes and chemicals, you can use the best air purifier. An air purifier attracts impurities, bacteria and germs from the air so that the air you breathe is clean and safe. The best air purifier is also capable of removing unpleasant odors from your home and it can even trap allergens.

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