Every woman has dreamed of having a vanity area where she can decorate it as she wishes to, place her favorite beauty products and turn it into her personal space. If you have good taste in fashion and interior design, you will want to create a luxurious vanity area in your home. So here’s how you can achieve that with little effort.

Opt for mirrored furniture

What we like most about mirrored furniture is the fact that it is very elegant, classy and modern at the same time. However, as mirrored furniture can get stained and ruined very quickly, avoid placing hot items directly on it, such as your flat iron or other styling tool. Consider investing in a ceramic flat iron and not one that is made out of metal, and preferably one that comes with a case or a support.

Black & white is always classy

Black and white is a classy combination, but with the right choice of furniture and decoration items you can instantly make the vanity area seem more elegant and stylish. If you are thinking of buying black furniture, in order to make it stand out and don’t look so harsh, place a white pot of flowers onto the table or some white or silver statues. Furthermore, instead of opting for a black chair, choose one that comes with some white details or add a white fluffy pillow to also add extra comfort.

Crystal objects will add a touch of elegance

That amazing crystal set that have been passed from one generation to another until it has reached to you can be used to decorate the vanity area. The crystal objects have also an useful purpose. You can use them to store your favorite brushes or the cotton swabs and cotton pads.

A large mirror will beautify the entire space

The most important thing that should always belong in your vanity area is the mirror, but not just any mirror. A small mirror won’t be very useful here, unless we’re talking about those small double-sided mirrors. Look for a large mirror that is well-made and beautiful designed, one with a silver or golden frame.

Vintage-style furniture

If you want to add a touch of class and enhance the overall interior design of your bedroom or living room, a good tip would be to incorporate unique and vintage furniture into your design. The best part about opting for vintage-style furniture instead of modern furniture is that generally speaking, the vintage furniture has a timeless design and it will always be considered to be luxurious and classy.

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