Kitchen appliances are constantly evolving, their design and feature change almost all the time and while there are many tech lovers who are thrilled about this, most of us would want to have a classic and why not, retro-inspired appliances. Retro is a timeless trend and it will always be classy. If you are planning to buy a retro-inspired appliance, you should check out these 3 practical and beautiful models.

Smeg fridge

Smeg is an Italian company who has been making appliances since the year 1948, so if you are looking for a modern refrigerator that has a retro design, you should take a look at what they have to offer. We like the retro fridges because they come in a variety of bold and bright colors and they have that timeless and classy look that most of us love. The exterior design of Smeg fridges is simply very well put together and it can complement any type of kitchen, whether it is modern or retro, you’ll find a place for your colorful Smeg fridge. These refrigerators are also highly practical because they come with plenty of storage space and a freezer compartment to store your favorite icecream. If you don’t have a lot of space in the kitchen you can also opt for a mini version of the Smeg fridge.

Big Chill Jadite Retro Microwave

If you are planning to use the retro design as an inspiration for designing your kitchen, note that you can easily create a vintage-looking kitchen with the right accessories and mostly important with carefully chosen appliances. Here’s another vintage-looking appliances that benefits from many impressive features. The Big Chill Jadite Green Retro Microwave features an elegant and stylish design. What makes this microwave so popular is the fact that you can combine the chrome and green trimming with green, red, blue or other color of your choice. If you take a look at some microwave reviews, you will be able to compare this microwave with the best rated microwave ovens of the moment. You will see that this retro microwave offers the same functions as most of the modern microwave ovens, only the exterior design is different.

Big Chill dishwasher

A good-quality dishwasher is extremely useful because let’s face it, who likes to spend hours in the kitchen washing dishes? Nowadays, you can find a wide variety of dishwasher models on the market. If you take a look at some dishwasher reviews, you will see that the latest models come with a lot of amazing new features. If you can’t decide between a retro dishwasher and a modern one, consider mixing the modern dish-washing technology with the retro design and you’re set. The Big chill dishwashers are energy efficient, meaning that they operate on less water and energy, thus helping you to make some savings at the end of the month. Another great advantage of owning a Big Chill dishwasher is that you can choose from a variety of colors, so you can either make the dishwasher blend seemingly with other appliances or furniture pieces or opt for a dishwasher in a bold color such as orange and red to add a touch of playfulness to your kitchen space.

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