The Moroccan interior design is one of the most, vibrant, colorful, alive, and impressive styles that add personality to a room and bring it to life. When choosing the furniture, the central pieces, and the decorations of this particular interior design, opt for strong colors, various prints, oriental shapes, and airy fabrics and combine them into a both relaxing and elegant d├ęcor. Get your inspiration from the living room choices we made and decorate your living room in the gorgeous Moroccan style.

    • If you want an imposing living room design, combine the redwood furniture with yellow paint and printed tiles on the walls and smooth everything with a beige carpet and a delicate chandelier. The strong print of the sofa in this living room eliminates the need for other prints, textures and layers when it comes to decorations.
    • If you want a more lighted space, you can opt for white pieces of furniture that look like they have been carved inside the walls. The print of the rug, as well as the shape of the ceiling lamps and the furniture, make you think of a Moroccan design while the modern accents make this living room perfect for a new house.
    • For the ultimate luxurious Moroccan living room design. Opt for a delicate combination of white and blue, enhanced by the genuine patterns and shapes of this decorating style. The carved arches that delimit the entrances of the rooms, along with the prints on the rug and the furniture resemble this oriental style while the pure white is the perfect embodiment of luxury.
    • For the most romantic of you, this is the perfect combination of strong colors and delicate fabrics that blend into a genuine Moroccan design. There isn’t one central color, as every color contributes to creating this energizing living room. The relaxing sofa and floor cushions temperate the energy of the strong colors and along with the fluid veils create a soothing area, just perfect for a family living room.
  • If you are not bold enough to turn your living room into a Moroccan oasis, you can insert subtle accents into a modern living room design. Opt for a room decorated in various shades of gray and add touches of color through a painting and some pillows. The round pouf cushions in a strong fuchsia shade strengthen the idea of a Moroccan living room, as well as the discreet decorations.

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