Consider yourself lucky in case you have a big home, because you actually have endless decoration possibilities. On the other hand, what can you do in case you live in a small apartment? Can you still create a functional yet beautiful interior? The answer is yes, you can do that. If you don’t believe it, have a look at the following small apartment decorating ideas, to convince yourself.

Choose bright colors for your living room

When it comes to small apartment decorating ideas, a great idea would be to choose bright colors. Choose bright colors for walls, furniture, floor and doors. By doing so, you will certainly create a visual effect that will make the room look larger. In the above picture, a small living room have been decorated with furniture pieces in tones of white and beige. An excellent choice, indeed, because the room looks brighter and larger at the same time. It is a simple decor but quite effective. When choosing the right colors and furniture, you will definitely make a boring and small room look absolutely incredible.

Go for a red and white kitchen

Do you think you can’t use vibrant colors in small rooms? The truth is that you are partially right, because you can use vibrant colors in small interiors, but it’s extremely important that you know how to do that. This kitchen is the best example of a beautiful red and white combination. In case you have a small kitchen and do not know how to decorate it, this can be a great idea. You can actually choose any other vibrant color instead of red, as long as you have the rest of the room painted in white. A colorful painting like in the above picture will certainly add a cheerful touch to the whole interior.

Totally white bathroom

A small bathroom will always look cozy and comfortable. Have you got a small bathroom and do not know ho to decorate it? Consider the above decorating idea, a great one. When having a small space, you certainly need to use bright colors, and when it comes to small bathrooms what else can you choose better than white. As a splash of color you can choose to have towels in vibrant colors such as turquoise. Some decorations and flowers as you can see in the above image, will certainly make the bathroom look welcoming and cozy. Usually white makes a room look quite cold, but it’s not the case with this bathroom.

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