The kitchen is a real challenge in terms of planning and some details are fitting solution for a small room, but only if they are adapted to the actual dimensions of space and the real needs. In other words, if you cook only once a year, do you really think you will need big appliances? On the other hand, if food is prepared at home every day, the dining area is mandatory and the worktop must cover a large space. Here are some smart solutions for a small kitchen.

Carefully choose the furniture

The first step consists in selecting suitable furniture so that it’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional and convenient. Therefore, try to keep a balance between what you want to store inside the furniture (kitchen cabinets) and the actual space you have available. In a small kitchen it will be hard to place all the pots, pans, sets of cutlery, plates and glasses that have been collected over time. It’s good to make a selection and keep only the ones you use regularly. Consider opting for multi-functional furniture. It will allow you use the space as efficiently as possible. For example, an extendable table built into the countertop can be a practical option for such kitchens.

Choosing the right appliances

It will also be difficult to find a place for all appliances that you need in the kitchen. You should limit yourself to the ones used consistently, otherwise you risk to create clutter and overcrowd the space. In order to save space, we suggest opting for a portable or compact dishwasher. A portable dishwasher will be a worthy investment because you can store them under your cabinets and roll it out only when it’s needed. There are also some great compact dishwashers which might be worth checking out.  They come in a variety of shapes and styles but their cleaning abilities are the same as traditional dishwashers.

Another good tip would be to invest in a good-quality microwave oven if you’re lacking space in your kitchen or can’t afford a regular stove. Nowadays, there are newer models that give you the option to reheat, grill, bake and broil different types of food so you won’t regret making this choice.

Paint colors for small kitchens

Paint the walls in light colors, white, beige and other neutral shades to create an airy effect. Even the furniture can be in light shades, especially for upper cabinets. It is important to allow natural light to penetrate as far into the room as possible; in this case, use transparent or translucent curtains windows depending on what types of windows you have added in your kitchen.

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