A home decorated in a minimalist design requires great attention when it comes to choosing the decorations and appliances because one item that doesn’t match the rest of the interior can completely ruin the overall aspect. Luckily for you, most manufacturers offer items that match any interior design and you can even find a tower fan with a futuristic look that is ideal for your minimalist home. The following examples are the the greatest fans that will blend into any stylish house.

Oster Slim BT 150R Tower Fan

This version is the ultimate slim option when it comes to tower fans and you can easily match it in a minimalist interior design thanks to the glossy black housing and the sleek shape. Besides being extremely portable, this tower fan is also efficient in keeping your home cool with the 3-speed settings you can choose from. The large base ensures durability while the tower fan oscillates for increased air spreading. The LED display adds to its attractive design and makes it easy to operate as you can check its status and make your selections.

Dyson AM Tower Fan

You can’t say futuristic tower fan without thinking about the Dyson models that offer the most interesting and attractive design you could ask for. The innovation of these tower fans comes in the bladeless design that makes them stand out easily from the multiple fans available. Many people consider the Dyson fans to be the greatest fans, as they come with a lot of great features. The stream of cool air is obtained with a top-edge technology called Air Multiplier that manages to create cool air without spinning blades. The Dyson tower fans come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and color choices, all based on the same operating mode, but with the advantage of increased versatility and freedom of choice.

Bionaire BDF2011A Bladeless Tower Fan

Another bladeless version is the Bionaire tower fan that can be easily mistaken for a decorative item rather than an air cooling device. The sleek shape provides with a smooth cool air based on an operating mode that resembles the one of the Dyson models. The bladeless technology makes this tower fan very safe for use around children and pets and ensures maximum efficiency. The integrated turbine drags the air into the base and releases a powerful air that manages to surround the entire room. The sculpture-like shape is more appealing than a regular blade fan, which makes it appropriate for a minimalist home décor.

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